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Buy Face Masks

Thank you for being a part of the solution to slowing the rate of COVID-19 infection. 

Facts about Face Masks

Is this our new normal? It might be, it might not be, only time will tell.

COVID-19 Frontline Scientist, Dr Dale Godfrey

Second peaks, vaccine progress and schools

What’s a vaccine?

It’s time for an education

Decontaminating groceries

Keeping yourself bubble safe with these cleaning tips for groceries

Personalized DNA test for prescription medications

We don’t all sit in the “bell-curve”.

Popping pills and CBD oils for livin’

Precision medicine is the future

CBD and Medicinal Cannabis

Anxiety, pain management, nausea, epilepsy and more

COVID-19 on Surfaces

Studies suggest the following time frames for virus survival on surfaces

The Science of Anxiety

With special contributions from Clinical Psychologist, Emma Musella

Making 70% Sani for Iso

It can be used for hands and sprayed on surfaces

Top 5 tips for staying safe

Featured on Channel 9’s Facebook news feed

The COVID-19 Risks

Disease Experts Create Color-Coded Chart to Help You Decide When to Leave The House

Are we currently flattening the curve?

6 April 2020, 8.2K views

How to wipe out COVID-19

Are you wiping properly?
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