Personalized DNA test for prescription medications

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24 April, 2020

Today, I’m pleased to announce that I have been working with BasePair Genomics, an Australian based pharmacogenomics company specializing in at-home DNA tests for genetic guidance for prescription medications. It’s an exciting time to be at the cutting edge of personalized medicine science, especially as the world begins to recognize that we don’t all sit in the “bell-curve”.

As we move into the age of telehealth services and reduced face-to-face contact with practitioners, at-home health technologies, like the DNA tests offered by BasePair have never been more relevant to GPs, pharmacists and the wider community.

This week, BasePair Genomics announced the release of its newest mental health test. The Amplis – EVO Mental Health Test, the at-home DNA testing kit that delivers personalized test results to lessen the need for traditional trial-and-error prescribing practices currently used by our doctors, who until now have had no other choice. Knowing the right medication for a patient should reduce adverse reactions, medication failures, and side-effects associated with many treatments. This is particularly useful for patients who are already taking medications, taking multiple medications and patients considering a new medication, to ensure combinations and dosages suit the genetic profile of the patient – we are all different after all!

Genetic guidance on common medications, mental health, and medicinal cannabis are standouts for the company with additional tests being developed for genetic susceptibility to virus infections, among other things also in the pipeline.

Patients interested in genetic testing for mental health and other prescription medications should visit for more information.

The test kits are delivered to patients for in-home testing and can be completed with GPs via telehealth services or in the clinic.

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